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Our consulting services enhance the total effectiveness of client organizations.  We are experts in creating a “fit” between the tasks people perform, the results they seek to accomplish, and the strategic goals of the organization. 


We work principally with the strategic decision–makers in client organizations—those persons with sufficient influence to affect significant organization change.

We are realists first, and pragmatists second.  We insist that our clients choose what can (realistically) be accomplished, and the most cost-effective method to get it done.

 We focus on measurable business results.


We believe that people are the soul of any organization.  We view all members of an organization as decision–makers and recognize that improved results are the product of better decisions.  We believe that better decisions happen when decision–makers are fully supported by information and technology.

 We believe that the true nature of consulting is collaboration among professionals.  We value and respect the contributions of our clients to their own success and take every opportunity to use internal solutions first.  We see our responsibilities as those of coach, mentor, confidant, and friend. 

 We have no products to sell, no off–the–shelf packages to offer.  Our knowledge and experience are our  stock in trade—the ability to apply them to client situations is our  forté.


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