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Organization Design...

A process for integrating People, Information, and Technology toward the successful achievement of organizational outcomes.

Organization Design seeks to optimize human achievement. The premise is to construct an organization to make it easier for people to achieve results. A well designed organization is centered around information flow, and is built upon relationships. Organizations are people.

The process begins with a formal declaration of the Purpose, Vision, and Strategy of the organization, followed by definition of the specific Strategic Initiatives to be undertaken. Each Strategic Initiative becomes a distinct mini-organization, designed to achieve specific outcomes. People, Information, and Technology are organized around successful achievement of the organizational—collective—outcomes.

 The Organization Design process will help you: 

Define the true purpose of your organization

Create a reality–based vision for the future

Develop both internal and external customer focus

Build a strategy for success

Specify operating goals and objectives

Implement information–based work flows

Implement a decision–based organization structure

Develop responsibility–based leadership

Develop commitment–based membership

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