Strategy Formation and Organization Design

Jerry A. Dibble



Often quoted in business periodicals, including Fortune and The Wall Street Journal,  Dr. Jerry Dibble has over 20 years consulting experience with leading technology and engineering–based corporations, professional services firms, and manufacturers of consumer products. The foundation of his work is an unshakable belief in the power of people—given the right skills and environment—to create innovative solutions to even the most difficult problems. Jerry is a frequent guest on radio talk shows and in demand as a speaker at conferences and seminars, where he focuses on such topics as strategy formation, team development, and workforce productivity.

Jerry holds a Ph.D. from Stanford University, an MBA from Georgia State University and a degree in electrical engineering from  Purdue University. His work history includes five years as a product manager with a multinational industrial equipment firm; an assignment as Associate Professor of Business Administration at Georgia State University; and two years as a vice president with a nationally recognized change management consulting firm.  In 1990, Jerry was named Communicator of the Year by the Atlanta Chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators.  Jerry is also a member of the American Management Association and the Association for Business Communication.

South-Western Publishing has published Jerry’s book,  Communication Skills and Strategies: Guidelines for Managers at Work.

The Skills

·        Strategy Formation and Strategic Alignment

·        Team Building

·        Organizational Communication

·        Organizational Design

·        Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Management


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