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Consulting services meet the unique needs of an individual client in a manner that the client perceives as timely and convenient.  When a consultant travels to a client site the objective is for the consultant to arrive when and where the client desires— physically and mentally prepared to deliver the required services.

Consultant travel most often takes place during off-business hours.  The reason is simple.  Clients prefer not to pay consulting rates for travel time, and consultants prefer not to travel when they can be working.  This informal arrangement serves the financial best interests of both the client and the consultant.  It is, however, physically and mentally taxing for the consultant who forfeits personal time.

To cope with the stress resulting from frequent travel—often across time zones—most consultants learn to travel along the path of least resistance.  This strategy serves both to conserve physical energy that will be required for the next day’s work, and to maintain the positive mental attitude required to deliver quality service.  The path of least resistance is not, however, the least costly path.  Quite literally someone else must be paid to clear the path—that is, to remove the hassles and delays that create unproductive travel experiences.  Translated; traveling the  path of least resistance means using premium travel services rather than discount travel services.  So called  "deep discount" services do not provide the degree of flexibility required to meet client needs.

What you may expect:

·        We travel on our own time, not your time

·        We charge only for work with which you are completely satisfied

·        We ask reimbursement only for expenses directly related to your project

·        We show up, “dressed-out and ready to play,” at the time and location you specify

What we request:

·        Frequent traveler First Class Airfare  (Delta class FFY, or equivalent)

·        Full-service hotel accommodations (Marriott, Hilton, or equivalent)

·        Restaurant meals

·        Major agency rental car (Avis, Hertz, or equivalent)

·        Incidentals (tips, parking, mileage, taxi), as required


This expression of our travel philosophy is intended to help assure the success of our client-consultant engagement.  We appreciate your contribution to maintaining our win-win relationship.

The vendors referenced above have, in our experience, demonstrated a commitment to meeting the special needs of business frequent travelers.


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